Animal Crossing: Pop Up Camp

Amanda O'Brien, Contributer

A new game has been topping the App Store chart. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp takes old ideas and makes them new. Serving as a more portable version of the original game, this free app allows users to pick their camp-style – natural, sporty, cute, or cool – and invite animal friends to stay at their camp. Each animal has a set of ‘wants’ that a user must fill to level up their friendship. The player fills these ‘wants’ by collecting items such as fish, shells, fruit, or bugs. Once the friendship is high enough, the animals can be invited to the user’s campsite. The goal of the game is to make as many friendships as possible.

About 40% of the student population play this new game. Matthew Springer, ‘20 is one of the many players.  Springer played Wild World, City Folk, and New Leaf. Comparing the originals to the new, “I feel like it’s a lot more basic [than the original games] in what your goal is, but I do enjoy how it is on a more mobile platform such as your phone.”

Similarly, Sam Lappen, ‘18 enjoyed the original Animal Crossing games, but has played the new one “since the day it came out …  every single hour.”

As far as the actual game goes, Springer’s favorite part is “decorating my campsite [and camper] and making them look pretty,” he said.

Meanwhile, Lappen liked the new animals they created especially “Apple because she’s adorable and sassy.”

Springer’s favorite animal to interact with is “the eagle Apollo because [it reminds me of] when I played Wild World, and there was a blue eagle named Pierce … I loved him.”

While given five of five stars by both players, there are some changes they would want to make.

“I would add more islands, and more places to go,” Springer said. “If it was a bit bigger it would be more enjoyable. Right now it’s kind of small.”

However, Lappen said she “hates how you have to get a certain amount of furniture for the animals to visit your campsite,” so she would “make it be based solely on the friendship levels and make those scores higher … they sometimes add up too fast.” Because this game is so new, updates are likely soon to follow.

All things considered, both players would recommend this game to others.

“It is very enjoyable and stress-relieving,” Springer said.

Lappen feels the same, “but they’d have to like video games to enjoy the game.”

You can test it for yourself on iOS and Android devices.