The most wanted gifts of 2017 at RB

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The holidays are here which means the impending question is bound to be asked- “What do you want for Christmas?”  Many times this question is answered with a simple “I don’t know” or some other vague answer.  Well for all of you who don’t know what you want maybe you can find some inspiration from the kids of RB high, more specifically the kids of the last lunch hour.  We surveyed ______ people and got some pretty interesting answers ranging from scuba gear to Nintendo games.  Out of all the surveys, the most popular responses were:


With the iPhone 10x debuting just a few weeks ago it was high at the top of lots of peoples’ wish lists.  Followed by the iPhone 10x was Apple’s MacBook.  Our third most popular response was the Nintendo switch.



While most clothing requests were quite general we did get a few specifics.  Amongst the simple shoes and sweatshirts responses, there were a few requests for Sperry shoes, as well as Nike sweatshirts.


When asked about games wanted for Christmas there was an outstanding number of responses all requesting the same thing-Super Mario Odyssey.  This is no surprise considering the game was made for the Nintendo Switch which was also a popular request under our technology response section.



With Twin lakes being, so close to Richmond it’s no surprise that the popular music festival CT was on lots of people’s Christmas list.  Some asked for day passes, but the hardcore CT fans all asked for 4 day passes to the festival.  Another local event commonly asked for was tickets to all of Chicago’s sports teams.  From the Bears to the Blackhawks RB students want to attend it all.  Lastly, for just plain old concert tickets there was quite a variety of requests.   Concerts ranged from 21 Savage to Demi Lovato.




When students were asked about their gift requests that couldn’t be categorized we really saw a variety of interests amongst the students.  Makeup and bath bombs were frequently requested for.  Kids going on the Scuba trip were excited to ask for different items for the trip.  The one gift that was common amongst kids was the simplest gift of them all-cash.





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The most wanted gifts of 2017 at RB