New Faces in the English Department

William Restis

Transitioning to a new school can be tough for some kids. Countless new faces and names that you need to memorize, new relationships that need to be formed, and a new reputation to build. All of that is hard enough, but imagine entering into a new school year as a teacher. The English department gained two new faces this year in likes of Ms. Miranda Perkins and Mrs. Ashley Kennen. Both are excited for the year to come and both are excited for what their future at RB has in store. Ms. Perkins is teaching both English 1 and English 3 this year.

“I have always wanted to be a teacher since I was little. I chose to teach at RB because I know firsthand how good of a school it is and how great the students here are. The community at RB is also unique in its support level, and that is something I was so excited to become a part of again.” Ms. Perkins said.

Ms. Perkins has a special situation, she used to be a student here at Rb. When asked about her relationships with the other teachers in the English Department, she had a lot to say.

“It’s so fun to work with some of the teachers who I loved when I was a student! Mrs. Schulze was my English 1H teacher and she is one of the reasons I was inspired to become an English teacher – so being able to work with her has been really great!” Perkins said.

Mrs. Kennen teaches both English 4 and Freshman Seminar. She had taught at a different school before this one, but RB seemed to have stood out to her

“I really wanted to work for a district that really cares for their students.” Kennen said.

But being a new teacher at RB doesn’t mean they have it easy. Both teachers have big dreams for their future at the school. Mrs. Kennen has enjoyed teaching here thus far, and has set some long terms goals for her future here at RB.

“In general, just continue to improve the lives of my students, it’s just adding on to the tradition of excellence here … the students are excellent, the teachers clearly care and put in a lot of time … it’s humbling to be apart of this culture…” Kennen said.

Both seemed excited and ready to start their careers here at RB on the right foot, and both can’t wait to see what’s in store for their futures here at RB.