A Jazzy Q&A with Jordyn Harmon

A look at what it's like to perform at the Jazz Coffee house, through the eyes of Jordyn Harmon '18

Mary Kate Spohr, Contributer

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Q. How many Jazz Coffee Houses have you performed in here at RB?

A. “Four.”

Q. Freshmen year, were you asked by someone to join or did you volunteer?

A. “I volunteered with Henry Tala, I sang and he played the guitar. I thought it would be fun.”

Q. What is your favorite performance that you have done at the Coffee House?

A. “Freshmen year because I got to perform with Henry.”

Q. How long does it take for you guys to prepare/ practice for the performance?

A. “About a week.”

Q. What are some things that you do to warm up before your performance?

A.” I like to run through the song a couple of times and if I am playing the guitar I will look through the music.”

Q. How was this coffee house performance different from your previous performances?

A. “This past coffee house I had to perform a duet and we performed with the jazz band.”

Q. Do you usually perform by yourself or with someone else?

A. “Usually I perform by myself.”

Q. What is your favorite thing about performing at the jazz coffee house?

A. “I like how you are able to pick your own song.”

Q. Do you prefer the winter or spring jazz coffee house?

A. “Probably the spring because all of the profits go to a fundraiser.”

Q. Do you have any song ideas for the spring coffee house?

A. “Something Indie or acoustic guitar music.”

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A Jazzy Q&A with Jordyn Harmon