How to Survive Finals

Ellie Lappen, Contributer

With the month of December now upon us, high school students at Richmond Burton can expect two things: cold weather and finals. Students may stress about studying and taking the tests, but as long as students prepare themselves correctly, then finals should be a breeze. 

Here are some study tips for finals: 

  • Don’t leave studying for the day before your test. Study days or even a couple weeks ahead so that you can get caught up in your classes and aren’t cramming studying in the night before
  • Use Quizlet (or any other study helping website) to help with vocab or any notes you may need to know. Quizlet is a super easy website that helps you make flashcards right on your computer, so you can study whenever you need!
  • If you don’t want to study with your computer, write out your flashcards yourself. This way you can always keep them on you and study whenever you have an extra minute.
  • Study with friends.This can help many of you by working together and you guys can answer any questions that you all may have.
  • If working with others is not your thing, find a quiet place to study and play some calming music. This can help you focus on your work and some peace & quiet will help you understand what you’re reviewing
  • Take breaks. Overworking yourself is not healthy; studying in intervals is a good way to prevent this.
  • Ask your teachers for help. If you are going over your notes or review guide and there is something you don’t understand, ask for help. You don’t want to be clueless while taking the test
  • Take practice test/quizzes. Look in your book and you may find some practice pages or ask your teacher for some worksheets they may have for you to study with
  • Study for your P.E. final!!! It may seem like a blow off final, but it’s not. Most students neglect to look over their handbook and get a C or below.

Being prepared for finals may help you get the best grade you can on the tests. Following some of these tips may be the key to your success on the final exams, or if you have your own ways of studying great! Use whatever tools you may need to do the best you can, and hopefully, the final exams go well!

Good Luck!