Before Homecoming

Evelyn Solis, Copy and Captions

Before homecoming is always a hassle in the student council department. Student Council advisor Lindsey Slavin plans homecoming every year with other advisor Lenee Soto. The two advisors enjoy planning this exciting event every year. 

“It is fun to plan a new theme every year and think of creative ways to decorate or promote that theme throughout the week,” Slavin said. 

This one event takes a lot of time to prepare for, and Student Council will usually meet in the summertime to plan. 

“We will usually meet once or twice in the summer, [although] this summer we did not meet… so it felt like everything was rushed,” Slavin said. 

In this homecoming planning process, the DJ always gets booked first, as music is obviously very important for the dance. 

Stu-Co member Kaelyn Gehrke (10) said that to her, homecoming is like getting involved in activities like hallway decorating, dodgeball, powderpuff, and the bonfire. As a sophomore, Kaelyn stayed after school every day during homecoming week for four hours, just helping out. This year, a few people came up to her and gave comments like, “You could have done so much better” and “You should have turned off the lights,” but Kaelyn has a response for those comments, and that response is, “That’s something we don’t have control over.”

Another Stu-Co member Ella Pipes (11) said that there is a lot of stress during homecoming and it doesn’t help that many people don’t help out, but at the end of the day, she really likes planning it out and seeing everyone and herself enjoy homecoming. 

Gabby Furlan (10) is another attendee of homecoming who enjoyed it and specifically had much fun dancing. In addition, Casey Meyer (11) attended as well. She said homecoming was “fun for the most part,” and she loved seeing the new friends she made at the dance and her previous friends there. 

*If you didn’t like homecoming this year, you can join the Student Council and suggest plans for next year.